How to Play Online Roulette: Gambling Basics

Table and Wheel in Online Roulette

According to statistics, roulette is the most popular casino game in the world. With the development of new technology, it became possible to get the roulette experience from the comfort of your own home. There are many online casinos that have this game in their collection.

Moreover, reducing the delay between the server and the user’s device made it possible to create online roulette with live dealers. The game process is broadcasted live from a special studio in which there are tables and croupiers. Are you intrigued and want to learn more about the number-one casino game? Read this article to understand how roulette works and how to play it to win.

When it comes to the main components of the online roulette, they are similar to the regular offline game: a wheel and table. Let’s cover their main characteristics to understand the basic principles of the game.

Roulette Gaming Table

Online Roulette is played at a table on which a wheel is located. There is also a playing field with numbers printed on it. On a standard field for European roulette, there are inner and outer fields. The former contains all of the numbers that are marked on the wheel.

Every three consecutive numbers form a row of vertical lines– three columns with twelve numbers in each. Special fields at the edges of the table are used for external bets. Each field corresponds either to certain numbers (for example, the first dozen) or to some characteristics of numbers (for example, red numbers).

Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel is a well-balanced mechanism with certain requirements. The wheel is divided into sectors. There are 38 sectors in American roulette and 37 in European roulette.

This difference is explained by the fact that there is a double zero sector in American roulette unlike in European. The physical parameters of virtual roulette are completely different, or rather, they do not exist at all. It is not made of any materials, it is programmed. So if you play in a virtual casino, you only see the roulette projection.

There is no fundamental difference in the principle of the game. However, there is no croupier in the virtual version unless you play on the platform of live casinos. There is a random number generator to launch the ball. It hits the number chosen by the generator. Nobody can influence the choice, not even the virtual casino itself. The scenery of a regular casino creates a realistic atmosphere that players greatly enjoy.

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Payouts in Online Roulette

There is no single approach to payouts in online roulette. This game has different strategies, and the payouts will fully depend on them. Consequently, to understand the payout system in online roulette, you need to analyze bet types first.

All bets can be divided into two types: inside bets, which are bets on specific numbers that are located on the playing field in the form of a table, and outside bets, which describe the rest (for example: red/white, odd/even, number intervals, etc.). Let’s analyze each type to understand the payout system for each strategy.

How to Bet in Online Roulette

As we have already established, there are two types of bets in total: internal and external. The former’s payouts are high but have a low chance of falling out. External ones have a high chance of falling out but have a low payout percentage.

Payouts for Internal Bets

The most popular bet is one on a specific number. Many players have their own “secret” numbers. Let’s create an example so that you can better understand the principle. For example, you chose number 17. If you bet $100 on it, you lose if you get any number other than 17. However, if the needed 17 falls out, you will receive a prize of $3500. Your initial investment will be multiplied by 35. This rate is called a single, or direct.

Moreover, you can bet not on one, but on two numbers arranged side by side. For example, 12 and 13, 12 and 10, and 12 and 16. There is also an opportunity to place chips on the border between two numbers. This approach is called split, the payout ratio is 17:1.

Payouts for External Bets

The probability of winning can reach up to 50% depending on the particular combination. There are several options for betting combinations: one of the “three dozen” (0-12, 13-34, 25-36) or vertical columns. The chance of winning one of the 12 numbers is 1:3, and the payout is 1:2.

Simpler options are betting on color (red or black), even or odd numbers, and small (0-18) or large (19-36) numbers. The probability of winning is 50%, and the payoff is one to two.

Which Bets Are Better– Internal or External?

There can be no universal advice as roulette is an unpredictable game. Each player finds their own path through the experience based on their inner feelings. The only thing that can be advised to beginners is to start with external rates, the simplest options.

For a novice gambling enthusiast wanting to master the wisdom involved in the game, the most important thing is to “get your hand,” gain experience, and fully get used to it. Failure is natural for any beginner, and not just when playing roulette.

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Types of Online Roulette

In modern practice, there are many varieties of roulette. Almost all of them are presented in the best online casinos, where you can play both for real money and for free loans. Usually, all types can be divided into three categories, namely:

European Roulette

The most popular type of roulette online is European. Compared to other types, it offers maximum chances for players to win. Among the features of European roulette is one sector of zero, as well as the rule of prison.

American Roulette

This is the second most popular type of roulette. The presence of two sectors of zero at once significantly reduces the chances of winning for players. However, this drawback is compensated by a more accessible and convenient playing field. It should be noted that often the designers combine the best parameters of the European and American types, and such mixed types of games are especially popular.

Non-Standard and Non-Traditional Types

In addition to the classic types of online roulette, there are a number of non-standard varieties of this game. Among them, one can distinguish the card type. It is a category with the absence of the zero sector as well as some variety. All of them are quite distinctive and interesting aimed at satisfying the different tastes and preferences of players.

To conclude, online roulette has become one of the most popular gambling games in the industry. With all its varieties and approaches, it attracts players with different needs and desires.

Modern gamblers can get a real casino experience without even leaving their house. Try your luck and start playing online roulette as soon as possible. Since you are now familiar with the basics of the game provided in this article, you should not face any difficulties.

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