Is Online Roulette Legal in Canada?

It is often said that online gambling is in the “grey zone.” The legal framework in which online casinos operate has many pitfalls. Gambling institutions in Canada are governed by the local laws of the provinces in which they are located. Online games are in the “grey legal zone” due to the characteristics of the Internet.

Thousands of gambling sites based outside the province and even outside the country provide services to residents of Canada. One of the most popular gambling games in Canada is roulette. Learn the main principles of this game to get the best experience.

The Principles of Online Roulette

Everything that happens on the screen of a computer or mobile device is pre-designed. Due to carefully drawn graphics, it may seem that everything is actually happening and that something can be changed, but this is not so. In fact, the sector into which the wheel falls is predetermined. It is set using a random number generator. It feeds information into the system, which is automatically translated into data in the animation.

What is a random number generator and how does it work?

It is a special algorithm that determines numbers in a random order after the gamer starts the rotation of the wheel. For its implementation, a special computer program is used. The player cannot see it, much less intervene.

Is it possible to influence how roulette works in a casino, the outcome, or to predict the number?

Even if you use a dozen programs that are sold on the Internet, the result will not be successful. Moreover, you could be blocked from an account with money in it. In this perspective, the main principles of this game are:

  1. unpredictability;
  2. the inability to influence the game externally;
  3. independence from previous results.
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Game Rules

If you don’t know how roulette works and what its rules are, then the process of making money turns into a lottery. Therefore, you should learn the rules of gambling before beginning.

The process starts with a bet. This is traditional for any casino game. Special chips are laid out on the gaming table. Typically, slots have a set of buttons that enable you to quickly understand this procedure. Classic roulette has one or two fields, including a small additional track. You can bet on any of them, as well as on both at once.

Traditional fields are laid out in such a way that the player has a lot of options for betting: specific numbers from 0 to 36, their characteristics and features, as well as color.

After the bets are placed, the gambler starts the rotation of the wheel and awaits the result.

Winnings are paid according to the payout table, which is usually available in the public domain. The client can familiarize themselves with it in advance to choose the best positions for the game.

In a losing transaction, the amount goes to the institution’s bank. The principle of roulette in an online casino is quite simple. Knowing the basic conditions and rules, the player has the opportunity to adapt to them and create profitable strategies.

Winnings and Payouts

When it comes to the probability of a win playing online roulette, there is no universal approach. The first thing to understand is the payout system in the game. The payouts will fully depend on the type of bet a player has made.

There are two main bets: internal and external. The later is a safer choice as they are more likely to occur. However, the payouts are not so high. As for the external bets, they are the complete opposite. They are not very likely to fall out, but the payouts are considerably higher.

Roulette Strategies for Playing in an Online Casino
Almost all casino players use different strategies for playing roulette. It makes the game more fun and exciting. Usually, strategies can be divided into three groups:


The betting strategy is characterized by a constant change of the bet size during the game process. The rate can go both up and down. Usually, a change in the bet occurs depending on the previous results of the roulette game. The table limit is the main drawback. Reaching the upper limit endangers the entire logic of the betting approach.


The main difference is the change in the type and place of bets on the table depending on the game situation. Many game-type strategies consist of complex algorithms and a set of rules. Most players will not be able to play them without experience and training.


This view combines the change in the size of bets and their movement on the playing table of roulette. Such strategies are systems of high complexity and often not feasible without the use of notes or special software.


Roulette belongs to the category of gambling games that are impossible to win constantly. The strategy that gives the player maximum time to play can be called the best. We would also recommend not getting involved in game strategies with a large progression (sharp increase) in rates.

This tactic will increase the player’s bank little by little, but the amount of loss will be huge. If you want to start playing online roulette, start with a demo account to get the necessary experience and skills.

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